Speech Therapy

SPeech Therapy

Speech therapy helps individuals to express and communicate with the world

Speech therapy is given to individuals having speech disorders. It basically deals with mechanics of uttering words like pitch, articulation, volume and fluency.

The primary aim of speech therapy is to help individuals communicate with the world effectively. It helps individuals with language problems to be understood in the world. Some of the key objectives are:

  • Improve the coordination and communication between body and brain by using various kinds of audio-visual aids.
  • Help patients to improve the command over language
  • Boost the coordination of speech muscles through special strengthening and training exercise. For instance, sound repetition and mimicry.

It is not that the outcome will be same for all the individuals. The result will ultimately depend upon the individuals’ response towards speech therapy and their specific disabilities. The tenure is based upon the various factors which are:

  • Intensity of the problem
  • Consistency of speech therapy
  • Proper practice at home

Advantages of speech therapy

The objective of speech therapy is to help individuals communicate with everybody properly. There are some other benefits of speech therapy as well:

  • Helps individuals to understand and express feelings and thoughts
  • Helps individuals to have a fluent conversation
  • Boosts the confidence of individuals
  • Helps individuals to develop social skills
  • Helps individuals to have comprehensible speech
  • Helps to better swallowing function of individuals
  • Helps individuals to have more independence
  • Helps individuals to have better vocal quality