Computer Therapy

Computer Therapy

New age therapy for modern children with special attributes

Actually, this can’t be called a new age therapy, especially when Joseph Weizenbaum (a notable computer scientist) created a computer program, better known as ELIZA back in 1960. This program asked several types of open-ended questions to users for having discussions on emotional matters.

The program clicked amongst users. It was a huge success. Users gave up all their inhibitions and discussed their problems in details. In fact, some of the users could’t believe that they were not interacting with a live therapist.

What happens in a computer therapy

As the name suggests, computer plays the role of a therapist and gives evidence-based treatment to users. The medium of treatment is email, videoconferencing or audio-voiceovers.

A burning example of computer therapy:-

The program asks if you’re nervous to attend Christmas parties. If yes, then you’re asked to check out the section no 43 where you’ll get a list of exercises that help you overcome your nervousness. You can do those exercises to become more confident.

Why computer therapy is becoming popular day by day

There are lots of reasons behind the increasing popularity of computer therapy. Here are a few of them.

Modify content easily

Computer therapy is basically based upon software programs. These programs are rich in text, graphics, audio voiceovers, animations and interactive exercises. These programs can be improved from time to time to give better and advanced treatment to children.

Attend many children at the same time

Automated online programs help to treat 100 children simultaneously. The best part is all the children get same kind of attention, which is not possible for a human therapist.

better user experience

Children relate more to visuals, colors, animated videos, interactive programs and audio voiceovers. A well-conceived and visually-appealing program can give good responses to users.

improve life and reduce pain anonymously

No matter how much have we progressed, stigma is still attached to people with psychological programs. In fact, they’re often labelled as mad. There are thousands of people who hesitate to get proper treatment because of this very reason. They don’t want to let other people know about their problems. Computer therapy solves this basic problem by giving them personalized treatment anonymously.

Computerized therapy is still in it’s nascent stage. It is evolving with the help of Internet gradually. Nowadays, commercial products are available to tend to various kinds of health related issues. The products are mainly evidence-based treatment methods and give fruitful results. So, if you’ve children with special attributes, then you can certainly try this therapy at least once.