Physical therapy or physiotherapy is a branch of medical science that helps patients to improve their physical mobility through various means such as massages, hydrotherapy and exercises.

Special Education

In simple terms, special education is for children with special needs. Special education teachers understand the various limitations and disabilities of children, and teach accordingly.

Speech Therapy

Speech therapy helps individuals to express and communicate with the world. Speech therapy is given to individuals having speech disorders. It basically deals with mechanics of uttering words like pitch, articulation, volume and fluency.

Sensory Integration

Sensory integration therapy is a branch of occupational therapy that treats children with behavioral and developmental disorders.  This kind of therapy is normally performed by a physical therapist or an occupational therapist.

Cardio Vascular Gym

When you are into cardiovascular workout, then it should increase your heart rate by at least 60 percent in comparison to its maximum limit. This should continue for the next 30 minutes or so. Such a cardio workout is considered to be ideal and fit for all.

Occupational Therapy

For lakhs of people in the world, services rendered by the occupational therapists come as a salvation. People belonging to different age brackets seek help from them in order to actively participate in various activities of their lives.

Behavioural Therapy

In simple terms, this therapy is used to replace the undesirable behaviors with good ones. This therapy is often used to understand why a person with autism behaves in a specific way, and to suggest steps to change the bad behavior.

Computer Therapy

Actually, this can’t be called a new age therapy, especially when Joseph Weizenbaum (a notable computer scientist) created a computer program, better known as ELIZA back in 1960. This program asked several types

Group Therapy

Group psychotherapy includes 2 kinds of people – (a) therapists and (b) a small number of patients. As the name suggests, one or more than one therapists treat several patients simultaneously.